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Tutoring Information

After-school Coach Class – Support is offered by staff on various ways to support students’ success.  This is communicated either as a set day where students can drop in or by requesting support and the teach e and student can agree upon a day and time.


Senior Success Program – This is offered to Seniors on Tuesday and Wednesday from 2:45 – 4:30 with support of all subject areas.  In addition, they can attend Saturday morning from 9-12.

Distance Learning Program
Distance Learning Program - Parent Information

School Spirit Store
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Parkville High School - Covid Reporting for Parents
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Ticket Sales

Parkville is going cashless for sporting events.  We will no longer be accepting walk up ticket sales at our winter events.  People who want to purchase tickets should go to   Tickets go on sale at 10am the day prior to the event.

New student spectator updates for winter sports:  All Parkville students who would like to attend the basketball or wrestling matches at Parkville HS must be academically eligible to do so.  That means a 2.0 gpa during 1st quarter with no more than 1 E.  In addition, BCPS policy now charges $5.00 for all adults and students.  See you at the game.

Creating a Parent Account for Focus & Schoology
Creating a Parent Account for FOCUS & Schoology.pdf
Creating a Parent Account.pdf
School Support for Creating a Parent Account.pdf

Opening Information
Parkville Opening Snapshot .docx

principal's message

Dear Parkville Families: 

     I am excited to welcome our students back for the 2023-2024 school year. We have been working hard all summer to help ensure students and families have a great experience during this upcoming school year! 
     The safety of the students and staff at Parkville High School continues to be my top priority which then allows us to focus on assuring students have the tools they need to be successful in whatever becomes their chosen career path. 
     Communication between school and home is of vital importance. You should have received a phone call and an email on August 8th. If you did not receive both the call and the email, please contact us so we may update your contact information. Important information is also sent in an email attachment, so it is essential we have this as part of your contact information. 
     The single greatest indicator of a student's success is attendance! Getting to school on time each day matters! Instruction will be begin at 7:45 am each day so please make getting to school a top priority! 
      All members of the PHS family are committed to supporting your students' goals.  We look forward to building on past successes and helping them experience continued success this year. Enjoy the remaining days of summer, please stay safe, and we look forward to welcoming everyone back on Monday, August 28. 


Mrs. Maureen Astarita, Principal