arkville High School offers a wide range of instrumental classes and after-school activities, there is something for everyone! Parkville has 2 adjudicated music groups, the Concert Orchestra and Wind Ensemble.

Teacher: Mr. Ryan Pilius & Mrs. Suzanne Dobson

Contact Information:
Email - Mr. Pilius    Email- Mrs. Dobson 

Upcoming Performances: 
Dec. 12th 7:00pm

Courses: Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, Guitar 1, Guitar 2, Piano
Clubs: Marching Band, Pep Band, Jazz Band, Steel Drums 

Audition Information: Students not enrolled in music classes at Parkville High are required to audition for after-school activities. All auditions take place before the activity rehearsal schedule begins. Prospective Marching Band entrants need to see Mr. Pilius before the start of the new school year, as to receive information bout Band Camp. New and returning students may be nominated by Mr. Pilius to become members of Wind Ensemble. Students may audition at the beginning of the year to be a part of Wind Ensemble. Students should see Mr. Pilius on the first day of class to receive audition materials.

Program Achievements: 2016 Marching Band Showcase participants. 2016 Mayor’s Christmas Parade. 2016 White Marsh Holiday Parade