Visual Arts

PHS Visual Arts 2015
© 2015 Ryan Twentey

 The Parkville Art department is often referred to as the “Art Magnet School That’s Not Listed as a Magnet”, as we offer every range of art experience at rigorous and challenging levels! Everything from beginning drawing and painting through advanced oil painting, ceramics, photography, and computer graphics and interactive media/video game design can be found in the halls of Parkville High School. We offer all three Advanced Placement courses in Studio Art, and carry a long tradition with our local colleges for delivering some of the best artists and portfolios to their doors! Our department is a 5-person strong group of specialty teachers who collectively have earned local, state, and national awards for teaching, and have even presented worldwide on the topics of community, creativity, and technology in the classroom!

 Our students are given the opportunity to apply their personal experiences, including skills and techniques learned in other classes, as they engage in the artistic workflow. Together, all of these elements create a dynamic, personally-driven art experience, where students learn and retain more, build self-esteem and aesthetic understanding, and develop a keen sense of the world around them. Parkville High students are regularly honored on local, state, and national levels for their artwork! Nationally, students have been honored with the Marie Walsh Sharpe summer scholarship and Young Arts awards, while local awards and scholarships include the James Laubheimer Scholarship Award, Azrael, Franz, Schwab & Lipowitz Art Show Awards, and the Baltimore County Public School’s Superintendent’s Award!

 Please take a moment to check out examples of our work through our slideshows or schedule an appointment to visit our program in action! For questions about our program, please email James Hesser