Welcome to the Parkville High School Dance Department. 

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Teacher: Mrs. Meghan Bulls

Contact Information:
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Upcoming Auditions: 
Auditions took place on May 9th.  If you are interested in auditioning please contact Mrs. Bulls. 

Upcoming Performances:
December 6th & 7th 2019- Winter Dance Showcase, Parkville High School, 7:00pm
February 6th 2020- BCPS Student Choreography Showcase, Patapsco High School, 7:00pm 
February 28th 2020- Maryland Dance Alliance, Gordon Center for Performing Arts, 7:00pm
March 27th 2020- BCPS Dance Festival, Perry Hall High School, 7:00pm
May 8th & 9th 2020 - Spring Dance Showcase, Parkville High School, 7:00pm

Dance I-IV, Junior Company, Dance Company

Clubs: Honors Competitive Dance Company

Dance IV/Junior Company, Dance Company and The Honors Competitive Dance Company - By Audition Only

National Dance Arts Honor Society: Inducted by invitation only
Presidents: Isabel Causey & Tiah Smith

Program Achievements: 
-Best Choreography & First Place Overall- Inferno Dance Competition, 2019
-First Place Overall- Showbiz Talent Competition, 2019
-First Place Overall- Dream Dance Competition, 2019
-First Place Overall, Regional Champions- Kids Artistic Revue, 2019
-First Place Overall- EnerGy Dance, 2018
-First Place Overall- Starbound National Dance Competition, 2018
-Humans Before Dancers Achievement Award- World Class Talent Competition, 2018
-First Place Overall- Believe Talent Competition, 2018
-First Place Overall- Imagine Dance Challenge, 2017
-First Place Overall- Starpower Talent Competition, 2017
-First Place Overall, Character Embodiment Award- Headliners Dance Challenge, 2017
-First Place Overall, Showmanship Award- Hall of Fame Dance Challenge, 2017
-Performance & Professionalism Award- Maryland Dance Showcase, 2017 
-Featured in the Arts Education in Maryland Schools (AEMS) Arts Education Week, 2016
-BCPS Principal's Meeting Performance, 2016
-First Place Overall-Headliners Dance Challenge, 2016
-First Place Overall Contemporary Dance- Believe National Talent Competition 2016
-First Place Overall- Bravo Dance Competition 2016
-First Place Overall- Hall of Fame Dance Challenge 2016
-First Place Overall- Showbiz Regional Competition 2015
-Choreography Award- Onstage America 2015
-Choreography Award, First Place Overall- Rainbow Talent Competition 2015
-BCPS Principal's Meeting Performance, 2014

Proud Members of 

Baltimore County Public Schools Office of Music and Dance
The Maryland Dance Education Association
National Dance Education Organization
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