2022-23 Athletic Season


We are gearing up for the 2022-23 athletic season here at Parkville. If you are new to us, welcome and if you are a returning athlete or parent, please take a look at the information below so that nothing is missed.

1) Fall 2022 will start around Aug 10th. (Please take a look at he list below for start up day of a particular sport.)


Academic Eligibility

2) Incoming 9th graders are eligible (grade wise) for a fall sport. 10th-12th graders need a 2.0gpa with no more than 1 E during 4th quarter.


3) All participating athletes need the following: Online Registration:


Physical: Signed by a doctor. Physicals are good for 14 months from the date of a doctor signature. Please use BCPS physical form. (See below)


We are looking forward to seeing all our athletes on the field and in the gym for the 22-23 school year. Please remember that athletics is a 5 day a week commitment. Plan appointments (Dentist,etc) around practice times. In addition, please remember that tryouts or the start of practice for the fall is NOT one day long the start up dates simply is the first day of practice.


Any questions, feel free to reach out to athletic director, Jeff Markle at [email protected]

Important Documents:

Form Releaf Parent Permit.docx
 Athletic Expectations.pdf
Sport Groups on Schoology.pdf
Athletic Eligibility.pdf
Fall Start Up Dates 22.pdf
Boosters shortform 2022-23.doc

Winter Schedules:
Indoor Track 22.pdf
Var Wrest 22.pdf
JV Wrest 22.pdf
Var G BB 22.pdf
JV G BB 22.pdf
Var B BB 22.pdf
JV B BB 22.pdf
Allied Bocce 22.pdf