I would like to introduce you to the 2020-21 athletic plan for BCPS.  Basically, it is broken down into 2 phases.  Phase 1 being a virtual phase where athletes will have contact with coaches and be able to talk sport specific details with their coaches.  This is a non try-out phase and all Parkville Students are welcome.  The second phase will be the more traditional season with only 7 weeks.  The games/competition phase will last approximately 5 weeks.

Registration is open for all Fall, winter and spring seasons 2020-21.  Simply click the link below “Fall 2020 online registration-physical” and follow the link to Form Releaf to register.  As for physicals, please use the BCPS form.  We are also currently collecting physicals by email or download.


Questions:  Contact AD:  Mr. Jeff Markle

Fall 2020 Online registration-physical form
Spanish Version Physical