PHS Registration Packet


For the child, you will need:

  1. )A withdraw packet from the previous school that indicates credits earned, test scores, a current report card, immunization record, and birth certificate. Parkville High School staff will not request these items. The parent must request the withdraw packet and bring it to registration.
  2. )A birth certificate, baptismal/church certificate, or a passport/visa.
  3. )The student’s immunization record from the doctor or previous school.

For the parent, you will need:

  1. )A photo ID for the parent, such as a driver’s license (address must match residing address on the lease/deed), VISA/Passport work ID, government issued ID, club card (SAM’S/BJ’S)
  2. )In case of court involvement regarding custody, you will need documentation of custody.

*The biological parent(s) (as listed on the child’s birth certificate) or legal guardian(s) is the only person that can register a student for school)

For proof of residency, you will need:

  1. )Homeowner: You must supply one of the following documents: Deed, Current Tax Bill, Current Mortgage Statement or Signed Settlement Sheet. Documents must be in the parent/guardian’s name.
  2. )Rental: You must supply the original lease in the parent/guardian’s name (leaseholder) and must be current.
  3. )Private Lease: A lease or rental agreement from a private party must include documents that establish ownership by the private party, such as a deed to the property, real estate tax bill for the current year, or a mortgage coupon/book/statement dates within sixty (60) days of the date submitted.
  4. )3 Pieces of Current mail: In addition to the proof of residency, you are also required to provide 3 pieces of current mail dated within sixty (60 days) of the date of submission. The parent/guardians name must be on all three pieces of mail.  The mail must be from three separate sources and original documents.

 *Please verify that you reside in the Parkville High School area by clicking the link below. We do not accept students who reside outside of the zone and Parkville High School does not accept tuition. 

To make an appointment, please contact us at 443-809-5259.

School boundaries: