Parkville Pantry

The Parkville Pantry is available to students and families in emergency situations where food and household supplies are needed; it is not meant as a long-term support. If you know of a family with long term needs, please reach out to their counselor so we can provide further support and resources.

A list of supplies offered in the Parkville Pantry is below

The Parkville Pantry will be open to students Wednesday afternoons from 2:30 – 2:45pm for toiletries and snacks. Students can go as needed after dismissal. The Parkville Pantry is in the music hallway across from the Athletic Director’s office, where they will see a table with our volunteers .

Students can complete request forms below to request items. There is a covered box outside Ms. Brillon’s office, across from the main office, where students are to drop off completed forms. One of the school liaisons for the Student Support Network will fulfill the request and provide it to the student.

Kate Brillon, Joey Barga, Roxann Anderson, and Chris Ratych are the school liaisons for the Parkville Pantry. In the case of an emergency please reach out to one of the liaisons directly.


Parkville Pantry Image