Physical Education

Parkville High School Physical Education & Health Department

Please contact one of our teachers if you have any questions regarding health or physical education classes.

Mr. Butanis- (Fitness Foundations, Adaptive Physical Education)

Mr. Cooper- (Fitness Foundations, Team Sports, Weight Training)

Mr. Daddura- (Fitness Foundations, Health, Team Sports)

Ms. Foti- (Health)

Mr. Golczynski- (Fitness Foundations, Teams Sports, Weight Training)

Ms. Layton- (Department Chair, Fitness Foundations & Team Sports)

Mr. Myers- (Fitness Foundations, Weight Training)

Ms. Unkle- (Fitness Foundations, Team Sports)

If you have any questions regarding your child participating in after school sports for Parkville please contact our Athletic Director- Mr. Markle

BCPS Physical Education Philosophy

“Physical education is an important and unique part of the daily instructional program. Not only does it contribute to the overall goals of education, but it also contributes to the development of motor and social skills, maintenance of fitness, personal health, and brain development. Physical activity is the method by which learning takes place. Quality instruction in physical education involves the “whole child” by providing psychomotor, cognitive, and affective benefits.” ( 

BCPS Health Education Mission

“To provide effective education designed to motivate and assist all students to maintain and/or improve their health and safety and reduce injury and disease-related risks.” (

Our department offers the following courses:

FITNESS FOUNDATIONS/FITNESS MASTERY: (1 Credit- required graduation course)
In the Fitness Foundations/Fitness Mastery (FF/FM) course, students will receive instruction and information about personal fitness components and self-management skills. With this information, students will be able to integrate the knowledge to design, plan, and perform an individualized fitness program based on personalized fitness goals. As students extend and refine their abilities, they will also explore and participate in individual and team sports, along with adventure and rhythmic activities as related to personal fitness. This is often taken in 9th grade and is a required graduation course and must pass before participating in a PE Elective class.

HEALTH EDUCATION: (.5 Credit-required graduation course)
Offered for either Grade 11 or 12. This course will focus on developing knowledge and skills in the later high school years to address health and wellness issues affecting youth as cited by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Topics covered in this course include healthy eating, mental and emotional health, safety and injury prevention, personal development, drug/alcohol abuse prevention, and disease control and prevention. 

TEAM SPORTS: (.5 Credit-elective)
Physical Education Elective: Previously learned skills from the required physical education course, Fitness Foundations/Fitness Mastery, provide the foundation for the Team Sports elective course. Selecting this course means the students will be placing emphasis on personal improvement of sport-specific movement patterns, strategies, and rules. Skill competencies, participation in team sports, and achievement of fitness levels are individual and students within a class will be performing at varying levels of competency.

WEIGHT TRAINING: (1 Credit-elective)
Previously learned skills from the required physical education course, Fitness Foundations/Fitness Mastery, provide the foundation for the Weight Training elective course. Selecting this course means that students will be placing emphasis on personal improvement of muscular strength and muscular endurance. The Introduction to Weight Training course utilizes the Bigger, Faster, Stronger program to provide students the opportunity to pursue a personal fitness plan that enhances all health-related components of fitness. 

Elective course to develop leadership skills in physical education and recreation and allow students to carry out specific responsibilities in connection with the routine organization of a class and assistance with planned learning experiences. PERL students will work with Fitness Foundation/Fitness Mastery teachers and students demonstrating mentoring and leadership skills, lesson and classroom organizational techniques, general safety procedures, principles of the development of a warm-up programs, appropriate sport etiquette, facility and equipment organizational skills, modifying skill development and activity techniques for differentiation.