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All students will utilize Naviance (Family Connection) through their High School years. It is an integral College and Career Readiness Platform for all students.
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What is Naviance/ Family Connection?
Naviance is a comprehensive college and career readiness platform that helps students and families connect academic achievement to post-secondary goals. "Naviance" is the internal Counselor platform, where as "Family Connection" is the student/family platform.

How can Naviance/ Family Connection help my student?
Naviance provides various forms of self-assessment, career exploration, college and career preparation, and academic planning to help your student. It is THE resource for college and career ready students. Our Counselors strongly recommend students and families utilizing Naviance early and often to familiarize themselves with the platform and utilize all that Naviance has to offer!

How to log in:
Username: Your BCPS One Username (looks like ABC123)
Password: Your birthday in # form (looks like 01012001 = January 1st 2001)

Are there different curriculum for each grade? 
YES! Since we utilize Naviance from 9th - 12th grades, every year we build on the previous year's lessons and curriculum. Starting in 9th grade with personality tests and skill inventories, your student starts to explore careers and colleges. In 10th grade, your student will be able to utilize their strengths to narrow down their career and college choices to create an academic plan to best suit their future goals. In 11th grade, your student learns about the college application process and how to best utilize Naviance to obtain transcripts, Teacher recommendations, and fill out applications. In 12th grade is where the past 3 years come together and your student applies to the college(s) of their dreams or they explore careers after graduation. Counselors assist students in the process, however we strongly recommend students work with their families on college applications.

Can I login as a Guest?
Absolutely! After you reach our Naviance/ Family Connection login page (link at the top of this page), you will be able to login as a guest on the right side of the page. Please enter in the password "PHSguest" to get access our guest site.

What should I do after I login?
Please review the Welcome Message, any messages in your inbox, and the "my planner" tab to see if there are any "tasks assigned to me" (purple tab). You are free to explore the site, but please be advised that the Counselors will be leading classroom lessons throughout the year. 

Is there a quick walk-through of the Family Connection Platform?

Family Connection: College Exploration Should Start Early from Naviance on Vimeo.

If you have any issues, please call our School Counseling office at 410-887-5259!