Attendance and Absent Note Policy

Parkville High School's Attendance Policy

To help organize and develop a constant level of quality, please use these tips when writing an absence excuse note or early dismissal note.
  • For absences, the student has 3 days to turn the note into the homeroom teacher to get marked excused in the BCPS Attendance Database.
  • The absent note must include the dates of absence, parent name, student name, reason for absence, current date, and a daytime phone number where the parent can be reached in case verification is necessary. (Please use the format to the right for more explanation)
  • Students that miss more than 3 consecutive days of school MUST have a doctor's note accompanying the absent note for it to be excused.
  • Early dismissal notes must be given to the school the morning of the dismissal in order to obtain a release pass. They can be delivered in person from the student at the Main Office front counter. At the current time, please do not e-mail notes to PHS.
  • For college, other school visits, or religious holidays, students must request the date(s) off before the absences. Failure to notify the school prior to the absences may result in unexcused absences.
  • A "Violent Storms" excuse is only valid when issued by the National Weather Service.
  • "Lack of Authorized Transportation" is not a valid excuse if a student misses the bus.

Sample Absent Note
Sample Attendance Note