Please see the registration guide below for required documents necessary for enrollment.  If your child has never attended a BCPS school, please complete the registration online at and provide required documents via the portal, or emailed directly to me.  If your child has attended a BCPS school, please complete the Registration Form PS515 in addition to providing other necessary forms for your child’s enrollment and email documents directly to me.  All families must provide the students’ sealed withdrawal packet to Parkville HS, or the school must email the documents to me directly.  Emails of records from parents will not be accepted.  If physical documents are opened prior to the arrival to the school, families will be requested to receive an additional packet from the previous school of attendance for submission, and registrations will not be processed until received.

Registration Form PS515-f1[1].pdf
Release of Records Form (1).pdf
JY Remote 2020 SD Letter for Parents.pdf
POLICY 5150.pdf
PS521-F2-Shared-Domicile-Disclosure-Form (1). Fillable.pdf


To make an appointment, please contact us at 443-809-5259.

 *Please verify that you reside in the Parkville High School area by clicking the link below. We do not accept students who reside outside of the zone and Parkville High School does not accept tuition. 

School boundaries: