Parkville will be going cashless this winter.  We will no longer be excepting walk up ticket sales at our winter events.  People who want to purchase tickets should go to   Tickets go on sale at 10am the day prior to the event.

New student spectator updates for winter sports:  All Parkville students who would like to attend the basketball or wrestling matches at Parkville HS must be academically eligible to do so.  That means a 2.0 gpa during 1st quarter with no more than 1 E.  In addition, BCPS policy now charges $5.00 for all adults and students.  See you at the game.


Winter Athletics will kick off on November 15
th.  To be eligible students need a physical, online registration and grade eligibility.   Copies of the paperwork can be found in the important Documents section.  The grade eligibility is a 2.0 gpa with no more than 1 E for 1st quarter grades. 2nd quarter grades will also impact the athletes ability to stay on the team.  If you have any further questions, feel free to email the Athletic Director, Mr. Jeff Markle at [email protected].

Important Documents:

Return_to_Play_Form MPSSAA.pdf
Form Releaf Parent Permit.docx
 Athletic Expectations.pdf
Sport Groups on Schoology.pdf
Athletic Eligibility.pdf
Fall Start Up Dates.pdf
Booster Form.pdf

Winter Schedules:
B JV BB 2021.pdf
B Var BB 2021.pdf
G JV BB 2021.pdf
G Var BB 2021.pdf
Wrest JV 2021.pdf
Wrest Var 2021.pdf