Class of 2020
Advisors: Gabriela Batek and Troy Browne
President: Ella M.
Vice President: Ukenda M.
Active Members: Uriel A., Camille J. C., Jean C., Korionna S., Jane T.
Assistant Principal: Amy Tyler
Fundraising: During this past Fall, the Class of 2020 raised funds for class activities at several volleyball games by selling pizza. The pizza fundraisers were very successful! Sophomores will also be expecting to hold another school-wide Flower Fundraiser for Valentine’s Day. More details to follow at the end of the month.
Fun Fact: The Class of 2020 came in 3rd place for their “Night at Hollywood” wall decoration/design at Homecoming that was designed and created by the active members.
Any Sophomore members with ideas for fundraisers or events, or are looking to help and add an extracurricular activity to their resume are welcome and encouraged to attend meetings. Please listen to the morning announcements, or see Ms. Batek or Mr. Browne for details about upcoming meetings.